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Healthy Living - toxins, the environment, electromagnetics

Altair EcoVillage invites you to its October Site Tour/Discussion Group/Potluck on Sunday, October 16, from 4:30 to 7:00 pm.  Come meet some of our professionals, members, and friends and learn about the project, see the site, and share a meal!

The topic for discussion will be on developing a healthy green living policy!  We'll be reviewing the issues (and there are many!) and inviting several knowledge speakers:

Lee Sagula is a Building Biologist Environmental Consultant, BBEC, and an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, EMRS.  She has been certified since 2000 and conducts EMF home and office inspections via her company, Healthy Homes Consulting, LLC.  Lee has been published in Natural Home magazine and various other publications.  For more information, please visit  Her Facebook page has valuable tips and information posted on a regular basis www.facebookcom/healthyhomesconsulting.

I.   Introduction – What are EMF’s, with Healthy Building bullet points
II.  Demonstration of Magnetic, Electric, RF & Dirty Electricity, with meter demonstrations for each field
III. Summary and questions

May Dooley is a bauscientist with a specialty in indoor air quality, mold prevention and testing in homes.  Altair member Holly Alden will speak about a toxin-free environment as one of Altair Ecovillage's core values.

Please bring a potluck dish to share.  We meet at 2237 Kimberton Road, Phoenixville, and we ask you to park just down the road at the Kimberton Arts Building and walk up three houses and across the street. 

Come be part of the conversation!  We hope to see you here!