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Balancing Shared and Individual: Some Implications in Co-Housing

By Steve Kendall, PhD (MIT'90 / Emeritus Professor of Architecture, Ball State University / Mt. Airy, PA)

Planning an intentional community is an opportunity for a discussion about "what is shared and what is individual." There are many aspects of this, but I'd like to focus on this question in relation to the physical environment....that is, what aspects of the physical environment are decided as a group, and what can be individually determined (initially and over time). This question has been a central part of my career as an architectural educator and researcher, starting with an early interest in Shaker communities and other utopian endeavors. This question - and decision-making methods to address it - remains at the center of my writing, lecturing and consulting today.  

Come see our land!  Come meet our members and some of our professionals!

We are at 2237 Kimberton Road, and you can park a little down the street at Kimberton Park.  Bring a potluck dish of your choosing and learn about our plans for an EcoVillage.

RSVP: or call Joel at 610-220-6172