Location & Logistics

Our latest concept for our site in Kimberton, PA was presented to the East Vincent Planning Commission January, 2017.  We are currently working with them to re-write the Zoning to allow for the size and type of community we want. We are showing thirty-five 2-story 1200 sf homes (600 sf on the ground floor) along a pedestrian path, with an eastern neighborhood and a western one. Access off Kimberton Road from the south leads to the Common House, and there are parking lots for both neighborhoods. Note the community trail going through the site. We are preserving the natural woods and wetlands (another four acres of land to the north and west off the image), and are planning an orchard and additional open space and gardens. A permeable paved fire lane goes around the site on the north. Our design will change as we talk with the neighbors, the Planning Commission, and gather a larger member group to work on it.

The EcoVillage Ordinance we are presenting to the Township is available on request.