Letter to Local Friends

Altair EcoVillage                                                                                 
PO Box 353, Kimberton, PA 19442


Dear Friends,

From time to time we’ve sent you updates on the progress of Altair EcoVillage’s initiative to found a small connected neighborhood in the Kimberton area. It will be a place where young families can grow, but also a place where we who are approaching our “golden years” can age in community among people of all ages who know each other well, share resources (including social and medical services), and live together in a sustainable community with green features that conserve energy and limit environmental impacts.

The Ecovillage model has been chosen because it provides the “best of both worlds” in terms of privacy when you want it (in your own down-sized home and private patio space) and community when you want it (sharing outdoor garden and orchard, courtyards, and a large Common House with amenities such as guest rooms, an industrial-sized kitchen, laundry, a hall for gatherings, a library, and other spaces of the residents’ choosing).

A small group of us has been “watching and waiting” to move forward with a feasible project, and we believe we have located a site that suits our purpose.  It is in the heart of Kimberton Village, within walking distance of the Whole Foods store and other shops (some still in the planning stage), trails, recreational facilities, community CSA gardens, the Waldorf school, and more. 

Our dream is to build in clusters 35 privately-owned modest-sized homes focused around the community center and pedestrian walkway.  We have the land under agreement and the resources committed to settle upon it. But as part of our due diligence, we need to establish that there is sufficient interest in sharing our dream to transform it into a real community where the residents share the value of dwelling lightly on the land. So we are now actively recruiting members and plan to begin accepting reservation deposits shortly.*  

Please let us know if you would like to come to a meeting, or sit down with us and discuss the exciting plans for this community, so long in coming. Our website is www.altairecovillage.org, or call 610-220-6172.

Yours truly,

Margo Ketchum, Joel Bartlett, Susan White, Dave Blackmore, John and Nancy Pittock

*This is not an offer to sell real estate. Such offer can only be made by a Public Offering Statement under the provisions of the Pennsylvania Uniform Planned Community Act (the ‘Act”) and after recording of both an approved Subdivision and Land Development Plan and Declaration compliant with the provisions of the Act.