Healthy Green Living Proposal

Healthy Green Living

An Altair EcoVillage value
Nov 7, 2016

“Clean Environment” is a core value of Altair EcoVillage: We hope to create an environment that is free from toxic chemicals, limits the use of fragrances, minimizes particulates, and reduces electromagnetic and radio fields.

  1. Clean Cluster: We propose that one of our town house/duplex clusters be built specifically for those with multiple chemical and/or EMF sensitivities. Through building with Passive House design, we control the air quality and humidity, eliminate mold, and encapsulate any and all toxic materials contained in the construction materials. By using prefabricated panels and controlling the construction, we minimize site particulates and the emission of toxins during the building process. In addition to Passive House design, we will provide shielded electrical cables, shielded meters, and hard-wired electronic devices, mechanical/electrical systems, and appliances free of wireless transmissions. For a small premium, residents can choose this option.
  2. Clean Common House: For our “community living room,” residents will agree to minimize the use of toxic cleaning products, the use of fragrances for personal use or in public spaces, and minimize the toxicity of all construction products, furniture, and furnishings. We intend to utilize Passive House design in the Common House as well as much as practicable. Through the consensus process, members will be open to the needs of the chemically-sensitive members in making all decisions.
  3. Clean Site: The community has agreed not to use fossil fuels, toxic chemicals for vegetation maintenance, toxic chemicals for insect treatments, and the burning of trash, leaves, etc. Again, the residents will be responsive to the needs of those who are chemically and EMF-sensitive in selecting lighting systems, methods of landscaping, and site activities which potentially produce particulates.
  4. Private Homes for non-chemically or EMF sensitive: We intend to use Passive House design for a healthy environment for all homes.  It is up to each individual family to choose their life style and the products and furnishings they use, but it is our intention to educate them regarding the benefits derived by limiting toxins, EMF’s, fragrances and particulates.
  5. The Neighbors: It is our vision to become a model of “healthy living” for the larger community, and to that end, we intend to promote our values and extend to our adjoining neighbors what we have learned about the dangers of toxic chemicals, EMF’s, fragrances, and particulates and encourage them to follow our lead.