Are We a Match?

Start finding out by taking this questionnaire! If you can answer "yes" to 15 or so questions, you would likely be a match:

  1. Do you like the idea of getting to know your neighbors as friends?

  2. Do you enjoy potlucks and like the idea of helping with periodic neighborhood dinners?

  3. Would you be willing to contribute to the governance of your neighborhood by serving on the association board or committees (Membership, Design & Development, Finance, Social, Meals...)?

  4. Would you be comfortable working with a consensus decision-making process?

  5. Would you enjoy participating in community workdays several times a year to help common areas and facilities look their best?

  6. Would you enjoy caring for your neighbors' pets and appreciate them caring for yours?

  7. Do you like the idea of helping senior neighbors grow old gracefully by lending a hand?

  8. Do you regard yourself a problem solver, and enjoy contributing to group solutions of issues?

  9. Does the idea of sharing and maintaining common areas with neighbors appeal to you?

  10. Do you want to be part of a community dedicated to reducing its environmental impact?

  11. Are you comfortable lending and borrowing tools, cars, outdoor equipment, etc with your neighbors?

  12. Do you like the idea of going hiking, camping, biking, rafting, etc with your neighbors?

  13. Do you like the idea of several community dinners a week?

  14. Do you like gardening side by side with your neighbors and sharing the bounty at a community or home cooked meal?

  15. Do you like nourishing body and soul with good food, good health, and good company, and good conversation?

  16. Do you like living mindfully in community, encouraging wisdom, compassion, and interpersonal growth?

  17. Do you like experiencing stylish, thoughtfully designed interior living?

  18. Does the idea of living in the country, but two minutes from a village and minutes from anthroposophically-oriented institutions appeal to you?

  19. Do you consider yourself an optimist, a person with a positive outlook?

  20. Would you enjoy being part of projects to better the larger community of our neighborhood or villages?

  21. Do you like being around children, and would you participate in their care and well-being on behalf of their young parents?


Contributing Member:

  • After signing the Member Agreement, Contributing Members pay a non-refundable membership fee of $1000 that gives them full say in management, design, and process decisions. Contributing members participate actively in Altair’s work by joining one of the Task Circles*, attending meetings, and paying $25/month in dues. Further deposits plus a financial profile are required as workshops are conducted. Four additional escrowed $2000 deposits are required at the various workshops. (See latest News for the Time Line)


  • Friends are interested in Altair’s progress and attend the meetings occasionally. They receive mailings, and give a minimum of $25/year or in-kind contribution. They are also encouraged to participate in the Task Circles.


  • Contributing and Associate Members make an initial fully-refundable reservation deposit of $1000 giving them priority in choosing the home of their choice.

*Task Circles: With a critical mass of members, Task Circles will include site development, healthy green living, legal and accounting, membership, outreach and public relations, affordability, hospitality and child care, sustainability, and the steering committee, which sets the agenda and organizes business meetings.

Note: This is not an offer to sell real estate, which may only be made by a Public Offering Statement given subsequent to recording both an approved subdivision plan and Declaration under the Pennsylvania Uniform Communities Act.  All deposits will be fully refundable until a Unit Purchase Agreement has been signed subsequent to receipt of the Public Offering Statement.

Altair has a policy of non-discrimination.  No person shall be discriminated against in application for membership or other participation in the activities of Altair on the basis of race, religion, national or ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual preference, cultural or class background, able-bodiedness, parental status, marital status, veteran status or any similar grounds, but Altair reserves the right to choose as Members persons:  (i) who will be responsible members of Altair’s planned EcoVillage community and (ii) so as to promote its goal of creating a diverse community. 


We at Altair EcoVillage recognize that not all people committed to community and the values we espouse can afford to purchase a $250,000 to $350,000 home (more for a duplex).  Anyone who is serious about living in a sustainable community should have a chance to join.  To that end, we are actively pursuing funding sources to subsidize members. In addition, by offering duplexes, those who cannot afford purchasing a home can rent a smaller unit or make other arrangements.

We are in discussion with various foundations who incorporate "affordable, sustainable housing" in their mission and are hoping to partner with them to provide grants to local institutions and individuals.  

We are developing a professional team and utilizing other non-professionals from our local Phoenixville Area Time Bank ( to help with 1) Site Feasibility, 2) Financing, 3) Marketing, and 4) Affordability.  Come meet prospective members and help us keep up our momentum!

At one of our holiday events a few years back, we asked this question, and had over fifty different answers!  Here are some of them

  • shared walls, clustered homes

  • downsized homes

  • shared utilities

  • shared equipment

  • energy-efficient building techniques

  • work parties and maintenance committees

  • carpooling

  • community vans

  • alternative energy that we generate

  • electric vehicles and equipment

  • storage facilities

  • parking

  • common meals several times a week

  • discount buying

  • central server for internet and media

  • THE LIST GOES ON AND ON! What did we leave out?

  • childcare pool

  • sharing skills

  • reduced doctor and prescription bills (from healthy living, both physically and psychologically)

  • community gardens, shared vegetables, herbs, flowers, possibly fruit

  • exercise equipment

  • workshops for community use

  • tool exchange

  • clothing and home furnishing swaps

  • walkable shopping and services

  • event spaces available

  • activity groups within the community

  • possible community-supported nursing and related services